Facilitation and Meeting Management

Meetings, meetings and more meetings — and rarely do you have concrete results! How often have you left a meeting feeling frustrated and empty-handed without any significant delegation of projects and responsibilities? Waxman Training provides the facilitation techniques that help you conduct effective meetings that enable colleagues to identify and agree upon common goals before creating measurable results.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts come in all shapes and sizes. They can be in the home or at the workplace. Based upon my extensive experience in customer support, assisting host families, exchange students, school administrators and local representatives of educational exchange programs, I help you and your staff find customer-oriented and collegial ways through tense situations. Together, we develop constructive solutions that work for you.

Stress and Personal Energy Management

A tightly packed calendar, a new job, plans to move, a colleague's absence, an illness in the family – many factors draw upon your energy reserves every day and can cause you to feel negative stress. And for every source of stress, there is at least one way of unwinding that knot. In training or coaching, we will analyze typical sources of stress in your day-to-day. You will uncover resources and develop techniques to reduce your stress and increase your overall energy and resilience.