International relocation support

Are you facing an international move, or have you recently relocated? Would you like to improve your chances of making a connection with the new culture and people surrounding you? Would you like to address specific aspects of everyday life in your unfamiliar environment that present challenges? I can work with you either in individual coaching or group training. Together we address aspects of the new culture, as well as developing skills for mastering everyday life in a different country, such as finding work, networking, and simply creating an enjoyable experience for you in this exciting stage.

Your intercultural communication skills

Clear and efficient communication are absolutely essential in the business world. So are intercultural skills. Another big factor in this equation is cultural background – yours and your colleagues’. How can you behave in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner and still achieve your goals? What can you learn from others, and where are your strengths?

Waxman Training helps you incorporate the colorful international world into your business life. My work with you is based upon my personal and professional experience from living and working abroad. In a joint effort, we develop the communication and conflict resolution skills necessary to strengthen your team so that you can better face the intercultural day-to-day.