I offer a free consultation (ca. 30 minutes), in which we will briefly discuss the topic that you would like to address in coaching. Afterwards, we will set an appointment for your first session. A coaching session typically lasts one hour. Most clients take about three sessions to work through their individual process; however, each coaching process is unique, and the duration depends very much upon what you would like to accomplish. One hour of coaching costs $95. If you are eligible for WIC, please ask me about special rates.

I understand that if you have recently given birth, you may not be able or want to leave your newborn in childcare. In that case, we can work together to set up a time and place so that you can have your baby near you. For example, I have had excellent experience coaching during walks (baby can be in a wrap or a stroller), and fresh air does wonders for creative thinking (and for baby’s sleep)! And, while coaching ideally takes place face to face, we can conduct a session via phone/Skype if that would work best for you and your family.